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Developing elegant solutions to complex personal issues for high performing professionals

Daniel Lichtman MA (Couns Psych)

Daniel offers single session and multi-session packages of in-person and online counseling. Online coaching allows you to gain support privately and discretely, where-ever you are in the world.

Registered Psychotherapist (PACFA Australia) and Certified Transformational Coach (Circling Institute, USA) with over 8,000 hours experience.

Based in Elwood, Melbourne, Daniel is available for in-person sessions covering Melbourne’s south east.

Daniel White Integrated Way coaching and counselling Melbourne

I support professionals from these companies in their personal and professional lives

Are Any of these experiences familiar?

Nothing You Do Is Right

You feel constantly at fault in the relationship

Regularly Criticized

Especially when you don’t comply with expectations

Constant Drama

The relationship creates on-going anxiety and unpredictability

You Walk on Eggshells

You never know what will set the other person off

You're the Scapegoat

For things that go wrong in the other person’s life

Negative Self Talk

Because of the constant criticism, you’ve internalized negative self-talk

If you have finally had enough of living this way and are ready to take action, let’s talk!


As A Melbourne And Online Psychotherapist, I Can Help You With…

Recovering from betrayal and affairs.

Skilfully navigating the tough conversations with difficult people in your life.

Repairing from chronic and repeated personal conflicts.

Recovering & counselling from a breakup or divorce.

Developing emotional intelligence.

Developing a vision, model and practices for a successful intimate relationship.

Transforming unhealthy emotional habits from your past.

Becoming an effective communicator.


How I Work

My approach is driven by scientific research that shows that secure-functioning, emotionally healthy relationships enhance our personal well-being. We’ll trace and unpack the root causes of your outdated, emotional habits and knee-jerk reactions to stress so they can be unravelled, unlearned and replaced with effective & skilful replacements based on wisdom, compassion and understanding.

We are all programmed to experience relationships in a particular way based on our early primary relationships: how we were related to and what was modelled to us as children. These emotional habits are hardwired into our brains and nervous systems without us realising. They dramatically impact how we function in our adult relationships. They include a whole set of beliefs about ourselves and the world, though we are generally unaware of their influence and the extent that these beliefs are running our lives.

I’ll equip you to increase your emotional intelligence and develop insight and compassion about who you are and how you have been living. Under the surface, emotions drive many of our decisions. Most of us have little comprehension of the emotional dynamics driving the decisions we make and reactions we have to stress. I help people to develop a deep knowledge and comprehension of the emotional habits that lie behind our habitual decision making.

As soon as we experience stress, we are not run by our conscious mind any more, we are run by a more basic programme – older automatic emotional habits that were intelligent responses in early life. You will develop greater freedom to respond rather than react. You will have greater freedom to choose how to respond to stressful moments and more skilfully navigate difficult relationships.

Who Is Daniel Lichtman?

Daniel Lichtman MA (Couns Psych)

I’m a relationship specialist.


I challenge and guide my clients to build and sustain successful and fulfilling personal and professional relationships (starting with the one with themselves).


With fierceness, humour and humility, I champion client’s causes.


My focus is working with high-functioning professionals who encounter interpersonal relationship challenges in all domains.


My clients include hedge fund managers, CEOs and CFOs of major international firms, homeless people, bankers, pilots, corporate lawyers, teachers, medical professionals, military personnel and rabbis.

Daniel White Integrated Way coaching and counselling Melbourne

Counsellor for Professionals in Melbourne and those seeking online counselling services.

With my wife Shelley and daughter Maddie.

Experienced Relationship Specialist In Melbourne

I’ve been a psychological health professional since 2002. I spend several hundred hours each year doing extensive training in the latest therapeutic and coaching modalities, in order to keep up with the cutting edge healing methods.


My expertise weaves the combination of years of mindfulness training and Buddhist psychology training with  advanced studies of cutting edge developmental neuroscience and attachment theory including Psychobiological approach to Couple Therapy and Emotion focused therapy


However, my own relationships are the real wellspring of my knowledge and wisdom. My experience as a committed husband, father, son and friend most heavily inform how I help others.

My Qualifications & Accreditations

Registered PsychotherapistPACFA Australia

Masters of Transpersonal Counselling PsychologyNaropa University (Boulder, CO)

Certified PACT(Level 2) Couple Therapist PACT Institute (Los Angeles CA)

Certified Gestalt Therapist (CGT)Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, (Boulder, CO)

Advanced Certificate in Emotional Focused Couple Therapy OCFI Ottawa Family and Couples Institute (Ottawa, Canada)

Certificate in Transformational CoachingAdvanced Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training Program (San Fransisco, CA)

Certified Group PsychotherapistBoulder Psychotherapy Institute, (Boulder, CO)

Certified EMDR PractitionerEMDR institute (Jerusalem, Israel)

Certified Transformational CoachCircling Institute, USA